[Greylist-users] Re: Identifying ill configured relays from expired records

Cami camis at mweb.co.za
Sun May 2 23:08:04 PDT 2004

> pckizer> Would you mind sharing this list that you've collected?  We're just
> pckizer> finally getting into deployment on my larger mail site and that would
> pckizer> be helpful in our kick-start...(me and my dozen users obviously had no
> pckizer> problem identifying the sites needed for whitelisting on my personal
> pckizer> domain, and all of those were already submitted back to Evan last
> pckizer> summer and are already in the docs).
> I tried greylisting last year and gave up with what I viewed as an
> insurmountable problem of identifying the worldwide bogus smtp generators.
> A local cable company retries once a day, with the same message out of a
> different server each time (maybe not, or course, maybe it can randomly
> actually be the same server).  Various daily mailing lists appeared to use
> "spam"-like software to send it.  One place tried 3 times in rapid succession,
> then would do the same the next day with the next days news.  I phoned them up
> and couldn't find anyone who knew anything about how it's actually sent.
> Yahoo has the obvious problem of the same sender/receiver being out of
> potentially different servers every time.
> Who is going to list the world's contents of problem sites and keep it up to
> date?  It's beyond my capacity.  Even with distributed volunteers who might
> take that on, how would we know a "volunteer" wasn't a spammer?

Not needed, i'm in the progress of writing a Greylisting daemon
which integrates with postfix's Policy service, and i've already
considered the problem you've just mentioned.. I've come up with
a solution to take care of this.. I'm about 50% done with the
code, will post it in the next week or so..

Using postfix's policy daemon is going to make things a real
pleasure.. (N amount of postfix MTA's all talking to a policy


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