[Greylist-users] What could make the sendmail milter stop working?

Tom Haapanen tomh at motorsport.com
Wed May 12 10:22:33 PDT 2004

I have been running greylisting successfully on three sendmail 8.12.x 
servers for a number of months now.  And two of them are still running 
happily and effectively.  But on one of them, greylisting no longer works.

relaydelay.pl is running, there are no errors in its output, and the 
socket looks to be in the right place.  And the database is OK because 
the other MX works fine and produces TEMPFAIL messages in the maillog.

Meanwhile, on the problem server, milter-spamc and clamav-milter are 
still working properly.  The relaydelay milter is still in the 
sendmail.cf file, and sendmail does not display any errors.  But neither 
does it call relaydelay.pl.

How can I track down where the problem is?

Any suggestions much appreciated,


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