[Greylist-users] Re: What could make the sendmail milter stop working?

Philip Kizer pckizer at nostrum.com
Wed May 12 11:45:21 PDT 2004

On May 12, 2004, at 12:22, Tom Haapanen wrote:
> I have been running greylisting successfully on three sendmail 8.12.x 
> servers for a number of months now.  And two of them are still running 
> happily and effectively.  But on one of them, greylisting no longer 
> works.
> [...]
> How can I track down where the problem is?

Definitely hard to tell without more logging info. Do you have
$verbose=1 and sending STDOUT/STDERR to a file?

On a related note:

To help consolidate our relaydelay greylist logs with the sendmail
mail logs to make it easier to track what was happening to the
messages I've added syslog output to our running relaydelay.pl which
let me get message disposition info while keeping the cruft down with

Here are several patches I have applied to our servers, should be
pretty easy to pull out individual patches if you're not
interested in all of them. I have sent (most of) these to Evan as
separate patches.

The patch is based on 0.05-pre from:

It incorporates the following changes:
	A database check to see if needs reconnecting
	Move the SMTP AUTH check above white/blacklisting
	Pass $verbose to db_connect rather than hardcoding 0
	Add parameter to reverse_track to pass sendmail queue_id
	Don't reverse_track w-listed IPs or would w/l yahoogroups/&c
	And, of course, log data via syslog, not print, uses fac.pri:
		mail.info [not yet configurable]

The biggest downside I have with my own logging code is that I don't
track state if certain logs have already been printed, so a message
to multiple recipients will get the SMTP AUTH or local Whitelist
messages logged once per recipient. As another list member pointed
out, I do the openlog with the ident of "greylist" rather than $0 or
some such...I'll probably get around to making if a .conf item
eventually when I add .conf settings to control the facility and

My initial guess might be that you had a database disconnection that
would be covered by this patch, if that's not it, maybe more logging
will help figure out where the problem lies.

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