[Greylist-users] greylistd+exim+mailman join exception

Tor Slettnes tor at slett.net
Tue Nov 9 01:46:26 PST 2004

Gabriel Millerd wrote:

>I am using exim4, exiscan, mailman and greylistd I would like to have
>all "listname-(join|request|leave)@domain" requests be whitelisted.
>Something like this command to do the whitelisting (perhaps this can
>be done directly to socket) ....
>${run{/usr/bin/greylist add white $sender_host_address $sender_address
>... if this condition is met ....
>${if or { {match{$local_part}{\N-join$\N}} \
>           {match{$local_part}{\N-request$\N}} \
>           {match{$local_part}{\N-leave$\N}} \
>          } {1}{0}}
>... right before the greylisting test is made.
>My intention is to make mailman more 'responsive' to the user's
>requests. Then after things 'get rolling' let the greylisting do its
>own thing.
>Is my thinking here faulty? Does something have a matured example?

You probably do not need to have 'greylistd' do the whitelisting; you 
can simply excempt the matching mails from the greylist check 
(untested!) in the first place:

	defer message    = greylisted..
	      condition  = ${if match{$local_part}{\N-(join|request|leave)$\N} {false}{true}}
              !senders   = :
              domains     = +local_domains
              verify      = recipient
              set acl_m9  = $sender_host_address $sender_address $local_part@$domain
              set acl_m9  = ${readsocket{/var/run/greylistd/socket}{$acl_m9}{5s}{}{}}
              condition   = ${if eq {$acl_m9}{grey}{true}{false}}


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