[Greylist-users] can greylisting be done per-user on a multi-domainbox?

William Blunn bill--greylist at blunn.org
Wed Sep 1 04:10:29 PDT 2004

> Can greylisting be done per-user on a multi-domain box?
> We're using Qmail on FreeBSD for webhosting - about 200 domains per
> server - and I think our clients could really benefit from us enabling
> greylisting as an option on the server.
> But is it possible for some domains to enable it, and some domains to
> bypass it?  Or is it only a system-wide solution right now?

Note: I don't know anything about Qmail.

If your greylisting supports e-mail domain matching, you could insert WHITE-list records for all the domains which don't wish to use greylisting:

sending-network = wild
sender-emailaddr = wild
recipient-emailaddr = domain-in-question

Any incoming mail for those domains will do a domain match on the recipient-emailaddr record in the database, which will be a WHITE-list record, so the mail will be accepted immediately.

Of course this only gives you an opt-out system, not an opt-in system which may be what you want.

(Of course if you were asking about Exim, and you were doing greylisting via ACLs, then you could just make your ACL conditional on the target domain matching a lookup (which can be done against a in-line list, a flat file, or a database lookup).  You could then make it opt-in or opt-out as you wished.)


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