[Greylist-users] amavisd-new + postfix + clamav + greylisting

Joe Auty joe at netmusician.org
Sat Apr 2 11:38:01 PST 2005

On Apr 2, 2005, at 1:10 PM, Morris Jones wrote:

> Joe Auty wrote:
>> Amavis will add X-headers for virus/spam scanning, but I'm not seeing 
>> anything that would suggest greylisting in either my mail headers or 
>> maillog (Postfix log). Maybe if you gave me a rough indication of 
>> what to look for?
> Lines like this in your mail log (wrapped):
> Apr  2 10:06:25 monrovia sqlgrey: new: 
> sara.forrest at ceed.it 	-> ephemeris at sjaa.net
> Apr  2 10:06:25 monrovia postfix/smtpd[13315]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT
> 	from unknown[]: 450 <ephemeris at sjaa.net>: Recipient
> 	address rejected: Greylisted for 1 minutes;
> 	from=<Sara.Forrest at ceed.it> to=<ephemeris at sjaa.net> proto=SMTP
> 	helo=<>
>> I'm also concerned that I may not have installed postgrey properly. 
>> I'm on FreeBSD, and postgrey was complaining about BerkeleyDB 4.1 or 
>> greater not being installed during compile time. There is only a perl 
>> interface to this database available within FreeBSD's ports (which 
>> has a dependency on the Berkeley DB). After installing p5-BerkeleyDB 
>> 4.3 via ports (which grabbed a copy of Berkeley DB 4.3 and 
>> compiled/installed it successfully) Postgrey still complained about 
>> not finding BerkeleyDB 4.1 or later. I eventually got Postgrey to 
>> compile with SKIP_BDB_CHECK. Is this a cause for concern?
> Well yeah.  You have to have a database for sqlgrey to store the 
> connection information.  If you're not going to use BDB, then you need 
> to set it up for MySQL or something else.  Did you do that?  Did you 
> check that the tables were installed and all?

I'm using Postgrey for now, Sqlgrey is not installed... would you 
recommend Sqlgrey over postgrey?

I suppose the second line in your maillog above (where it says 
"Greylisted for 1 minutes") is generated by Postfix (not Postgrey) and 
I should be seeing this? If so, I'm definitely not getting that...

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