[Greylist-users] Which greylist system for fastest & easiest installation?

Eric Brunson brunson at brunson.com
Thu Apr 21 16:48:32 PDT 2005

Graham Toal wrote:

>I had always planned to add greylisting at the source code level to
>my standalone transparent SMTP filter that I've been using for
>spam and virus filtering over the last year.  Unfortunately due
>to various factors I won't go into, I don't have the luxury of
>doing an R&D project over a suitable period of time to do this
>the way I wanted -  I need to get something in place relatively
>quickly, and it will probably go into a production environment
>within days of being tested :-(
>So, two questions: do any commercial spam filters offer
>greylisting as well? (eg Brightmail, that kind of appliance)
>and assuming the answer is no, what is the best way to bring up
>a reliable greylist that won't require lots of manual tweaking
>and will 'just work' reliably (and reasonably unattended)?
>I have complete control over the environment, and can bring up
>any flavor of linux that may make this easier... (although for
>testing purposes running in a UML under FC3 would sure be nice)
>I'm not trolling and I don't want to start a "my greylist is 
>better than your greylist" war, but I do need a good solid 
>workable suggestion quickly please.  if you prefer to email me
>directly, that's fine.
>Graham <gtoal at gtoal.com>

I found sqlgrey's installation and setup with my (fairly complex)
postfix installation to be almost trivial, though I am pretty
experienced with mysql and postfix.

As for effectiveness:  SpamAssassin was quarantining about 25-30 pieces
of spam for me per day (RBLs reject about 1000-3000 emails before they
hit SA) before I installed sqlgrey.  After sqlgrey, SA has caught, on
average, slightly less than one spam per day and I have gotten exactly
ONE false negative in my Inbox in the past month. 

As for reliability:  I host mail for several hundred users in 30 domains
and I haven't had a single complaint about lost email in the 5 weeks
I've been using it.

As for ease of use:  I installed it and it just runs.  Other than a
slight tweak to the config to mail me if it can't contact the database,
I have not done a single thing with it except browse through the
whitelist just for curiosity's sake.

It's the only product I've used, but I think it Rocks!


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