[Greylist-users] Which greylist system for fastest & easiest installation?

Graham Toal gtoal at gtoal.com
Sat Apr 23 12:56:27 PDT 2005

> Run OpenBSD's spamd in greylisting mode.  FTP install should take no
> more than 15 minutes, add spamd to /etc/rc.conf.local, reboot and
> configure $MTA.  Or just use the OpenBSD box as a bridge/NAT and leave
> your current MTA alone.  Adding blacklists to spamd is trivial (just
> enable them in the spamd.conf) if you want that later on.

Thanks everyone for the advice.  The approach above is the one
I've decided to implement, for various reasons.

We already have a spam solution and just want to add greylisting
in front of that in a hurry - the transparent bridge simplifies
things a lot, such as leaving the 3rd party relay blocking and
RBL checks to continue to be done by the next stage.

I haven't run BSD since Joliffe's 0.1 (although I ran BSDI for
several years, but have been on Linux for the last few years since
it finally got more bsd-like and less sysV-like ;-) ) so if you
have any pointers in how to get started I'd appreciate it -
I have a bit of catching up to do with BSD...

I suspect that the standard installation is as easy as you
describe, but is the transparent bridge version documented
somewhere?  I know about www.openbsd.com for the OS but I'm
not sure where spamd is documented (there seems to be a
couple of projects with that name)

If the default installation of spamd is to have more features
enabled than just greylisting, how do I turn them off?

At this point I'm looking for an installation recipe or howto
more than a deep understanding :-)

Hold on a sec... rummage rummage ...

is this what I should be doing?:


And finally, a couple of people mentioned a new release of
OpenBSD coming out soon.  Is it important to wait for this?
What's the significant feature worth waiting for that affects
spamd and greylisting?

thanks again,


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