[Greylist-users] SMTP/AUTH before greylist problem

Dave Warren maillist at devilsplayground.net
Wed Aug 3 10:14:41 PDT 2005

Bob Beck wrote:

>	We do this very simply. We use submission (587) with ssl and 
>authentication for road warriors. we don't greylist 587, and we don't
>take unauthenticated un-ssl'ed connections on it. We tell people *not*
>to use port 25 for this sort of thing. Spammers don't authenticate on 
>port 587 so there is no spam danger. 
While true, if the mail comes in on 25 w/SMTP-AUTH then there is no 
technical reason to greylist or anything else -- If you have spammers 
AUTHing, you have bigger problems then the port number they use.

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