[Greylist-users] SMTP/AUTH before greylist problem

Bob Beck beck at bofh.cns.ualberta.ca
Wed Aug 3 12:46:24 PDT 2005

* Dave Warren <maillist at devilsplayground.net> [2005-08-03 13:01]:
> Bob Beck wrote:
> >	I find it a far simpler practice to simply tell people
> >that port 25 is not used for submission. It causes way less support
> >headaches when some knuckle dragger ends up somwehre with port 25 
> >blocked.
> > 
> >
> Agreed.  However, there is also the support costs of walking people 
> through changing the port every time they set up their mail client 
> rather then just when they travel (or whatever)

	That's because you continue to sanction the use of port 25
for a mail client. make them use 587 *everywhere*, whether on the road
or not.


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