[Greylist-users] RelayDelay code

Paul Venezia pvenezia at jpj.net
Wed Feb 23 11:20:14 PST 2005


In the course of modifying relaydelay for several odd purposes, I've
written quite a few new features into the 0.04 codebase:

1) White/blacklisting domains
2) auto-shunning spewing botnet relays

and with Matt Prigge

3) cron-able RD stats scripts
4) PHP White/blacklisting database front-end
5) PHP email tracking front-end
6) Integration of RD and RRDTool to produce graphs of mailflows.

Does any of this interest you? I've posted a few patches, but it's not
really reasonable to keep doing that against the 0.04 codebase if you're
moving to 0.05.


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