[Greylist-users] Adelphia vs greylisting

Allan E. Johannesen aej at WPI.EDU
Tue Oct 11 09:42:10 PDT 2005

>>>>> "tonyb" == Tony Bunce <tonyb at go-concepts.com> writes:

tonyb> And the regular expression is (all one line):
tonyb> 't-ipconnect\.de$|tisdip\.tiscali\.de$|ipt\.aol\.com$|vie\.surfer\.at$|c
tonyb> hello|bluewin\.ch$
tonyb> |comcast\.net$|ameritech\.net$|pacbell\.net$|attbi\.com$|swbell\.net$
tonyb> |optonline\.net$|charter\.com$|hinet\.net$|\.rr\.com$|dial|dsl|cable|dyn
tonyb> |ppp
tonyb> |pool|client|dhcp|(([0-9]{1,3}[-\.])+){3}[0-9]{1,3}|[0-9]{6,12}|\.arpa$|
tonyb> \.it$|\.jp$|\.tw$|\.ru$|\.br$|\.hk$|^user|^host'

I'd add several other countries to that list, but I don't want to appear
xenophobic.  I suppose such a view is because I'd expect little email traffic
from various countries, but it is profiling based on little evidence...  The
sentence imposed is only greylisting, so it's not a death sentence, after all.

This morning, I found that earthlink.net appears to send retries from random
IPs and only for a couple of times.

The IPs in this incident appear to be 207.69.195.*, but that entire class C
does not lookup to earthlink.net.

My basic worry about greylisting remains, since there are so many broken MTAs
in the universe.  Maybe lobotomizing it by a list such as above is the way to

Had anyone noticed that earthlink is blocked by greylisting?

Does anyone know the whitelist to use for them?  I don't know if the IP list
I observed in the incident is only a small part of there MTA IP domain..


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