[Greylist-users] ny enterprises using greylisting on Sendmail / Postfix?

Bob de Wildt bob.dewildt at cysonet.com
Tue Sep 6 13:52:03 PDT 2005

Dear Teo,

I'm managaging our greylist configuration for a hosted environment.
We use the combination of Sendmail with greylisting.

Carefully we have chosen to use the RelayDelay setup with an mysql
The reason for this is that we need to be able to quickly allow / block

At this moment we have all our MX servers deployed with relay delay.
Though we use 3 different databases to keep track of the triplets.

You should not try to get an enterprise solution. Try setting up a Linux
machine (Debian) with the following parts:
- Sendmail (e-mail)
- Relaydelay (greylisting)
- MailScanner (Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam)

This machine should, if you have a decent anti-virus software, be set up
with at least:
1 x Pentium IV / Xeon 2.0 GHz (or equivelant)
2 GB Memory (for easy processing of the e-mails)
SATA disks (in case of lots of caching, High IO through put)

My experience is that this machine is totally customizable and gives you
full access.
Most of the time the performance of the machine is equal / better than
an enterprise solution.

Kind regards,

Bob de Wildt

Systems Administrator
Cyso Managed Hosting
Baangracht 2
1811 DC Alkmaar
tel: (+31) (0) 72-7513400
fax: (+31) (0) 72-7513401
e-mail: support at cyso.nl

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   1. Any enterprises using greylisting on Sendmail /	Postfix?
      (Teo De Las Heras)


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Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 11:31:57 -0400
From: Teo De Las Heras <teoheras at gmail.com>
Subject: [Greylist-users] Any enterprises using greylisting on
	Sendmail /	Postfix?
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The company I work with has looked into purchasing an IronPort, Symantec
8160, or possibly a CipherTrust solution (6.0 will have 'greylisting').
They all seem to do a 'custom' form of greylisting, but each box has
minimal functionality. It seems like an enterprise solution should be
robust and have all the capabilities that the boxes are built with. For
example, the CipherTrust solution is actually a FreeBSD box, but the
shell only has a hand full of commands. You don't even get access to
chron to set up automated backups. I understand that giving extended
shell access would probably cause a significant increase in helpdesk
calls, but is seems that an enterprise solution would required this kind
of configuration.
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