[Greylist-users] Re: ny enterprises using greylisting on Sendmail / Postfix?

Philip Kizer pckizer at nostrum.com
Tue Sep 6 21:07:14 PDT 2005

"Bob de Wildt" <bob.dewildt at cysonet.com> wrote:
>At this moment we have all our MX servers deployed with relay delay.
>Though we use 3 different databases to keep track of the triplets.

We have multiple MX hosts as well (that are actually load-balanced), but a
single mysql backend for all.

>You should not try to get an enterprise solution. Try setting up a Linux
>machine (Debian) with the following parts:
>- Sendmail (e-mail)
>- Relaydelay (greylisting)
>- MailScanner (Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam)

Similar to that Teo mentioned, ours are FreeBSD boxes, likewise we have:
- FreeBSD
- Sendmail
- Relaydelay
- Sophos (though we have some other point solutions that use ClamAV)

>Most of the time the performance of the machine is equal / better than
>an enterprise solution.

We've definitely found that greylisting improves the performance of any box
it's added to :)

>They all seem to do a 'custom' form of greylisting, but each box has
>minimal functionality. It seems like an enterprise solution should be
>robust and have all the capabilities that the boxes are built with. [...]
>but the shell only has a hand full of commands. You don't even get access to
>chron to set up automated backups.

Yeah, I definitely understand those appliance companies wanting to protect
their less experienced customers from themselves; but...I also know other
vendors (F5, Netscaler, et. al.) that ship special-purpose FreeBSD boxes
that still have most of the regular functionality and are still largely
fool-proof.   So it's not necessarily mutually-exclusive.


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