[Greylist-users] Adelphia vs greylisting

Jim Wright jim at wrightthisway.com
Sat Sep 24 09:43:37 PDT 2005

I get no mail from there, but when I notice issues with other mail  
servers, I at least try to send a note to the postmaster and any  
contacts listed for that particular domain with the details of the  
issue, and why it might violate any relevant RFCs.  Usually, folks  
want their systems to play well with others.


On Sep 23, 2005, at 11:53 AM, Jeff Finucane wrote:

> Greylisters:
>   Has anyone determined what Adelphia's servers are doing?  I do  
> not think
> I had a problem two weeks ago, but now it seems that I receive a  
> burst of
> two retries (within a few seconds of one another) followed by  
> either no
> further delivery attempts or attempts out at the 8 hour mark and  
> beyond.
>   Anyone else see this bothersome behavior or am I just special?

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