[Greylist-users] Setting up mysql for relaydelay...

thing thing at thing.dyndns.org
Sat Apr 8 04:27:43 PDT 2006

I have followed 2. such as it is.

"2. Configure the database using the commands in mysql.sql.  Make sure
   you created the user defined in the config file, and that that user has 
   access to login from the machine you're running the milter on, and that 
   the login and password match those configured in relaydelay.conf."

OK, already done, I can login with "mysql -u grey-list -p" with the right password....

   "Also make sure your database can handle enough total connections as you
   are may have milter threads running.  "


No indication here as to what value to set or howto set it....

So back to my outstanding issue...can someone please provide the command to create the table space 
that the greylist wants. Because I have read the docs I can find and googled, so far 
I found no indication of what to do.



On Sat, 2006-04-08 at 20:21, Barb Dijker wrote:
> Read the INSTALL file in the distribution.  You have skipped step #2  
> (at least as it appears in the version I have):
>  >>>>>> 2. Configure the database using the commands in mysql.sql.
>                                                         ^^^^^^^^^
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