[Greylist-users] White-listing recipients?

gmane.mail.spam.greylist.user at expires-on-2006-08-13.usenet.andreas-borchert.de gmane.mail.spam.greylist.user at expires-on-2006-08-13.usenet.andreas-borchert.de
Fri Aug 4 23:28:50 PDT 2006

On 2006-08-05, Gabriel Millerd <gmillerd at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I would appreciate any pointers and/or ideas. (Please note that I am
>> not the admin on that system but someone who would like to forward such
>> pointers to the admins. Our university mail system is based on
>> sendmail 8.13.7.)
>    Its a hard sell to most large system administrators to make such exceptions.

I asked for a technical question and hoped for a technical response,
i.e. if a white-listing for recipients has been implemented. You,
however, just tell me that this would be a »hard sell«.

I see this from a different viewpoint. I have to receive emails reliably
and timely over a address which is handled by this mail system that
applies greylisting.  And in my case, I do not know in advance where
the emails come from as my students use quite a diverse set of mail
services. So white-listing senders does not help in my case.  If I have
a phone call and someone is sending me some documents to be seen while
we are still talking, a delay of even 5 minutes is a show-stopper. And
to lose emails and not even knowing what is lost is a disaster in my case.


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