[Greylist-users] Definitive whitelist?

James J Dempsey jjd+greylist at jjd.com
Tue Dec 12 07:30:07 PST 2006

I just had a problem with some yahoo group not being able to send to my
users due to their non-compliant mail servers.

We all knew that yahoo groups were non compliant, and the puremagic.com
server has yahoo listed in its whitelist at 
<URL: http://cvs.puremagic.com/viewcvs/greylisting/schema/whitelist_ip.txt>

    66.218.66       # Yahoo Groups servers (common pool, no retry)
    66.218.67       # Yahoo Groups servers (common pool, no retry)
    66.218.69       # Yahoo Groups servers (common pool, no retry)

Unfortunately, the mail my user was getting from yahoo groups came from 
mail.re3.yahoo.com at

I did a web search for "yahoo groups" AND whitelist AND greylist and came up
with some other IP ranges for yahoo groups, but none that included the IP
address above.

Is there some definitive maintained up-to-date list of misbehaving mailers
for greylist users?

I'm tempted to put /^mail\..*\.yahoo.com/ in my postgrey's whitelist_clients
file.  Would that be a mistake?

                       --Jim Dempsey--

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