[Greylist-users] Definitive whitelist?

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just a hint, but the easiest solution to solve that is to use a subnet 
query for mtas. if that ip matches a greylisted ip subnet, its fine.
i just work on that with my exim+sql solution.


James J Dempsey wrote:
> I just had a problem with some yahoo group not being able to send to my
> users due to their non-compliant mail servers.
> We all knew that yahoo groups were non compliant, and the puremagic.com
> server has yahoo listed in its whitelist at 
> <URL: http://cvs.puremagic.com/viewcvs/greylisting/schema/whitelist_ip.txt>
>     66.218.66       # Yahoo Groups servers (common pool, no retry)
>     66.218.67       # Yahoo Groups servers (common pool, no retry)
>     66.218.69       # Yahoo Groups servers (common pool, no retry)
> Unfortunately, the mail my user was getting from yahoo groups came from 
> mail.re3.yahoo.com at
> I did a web search for "yahoo groups" AND whitelist AND greylist and came up
> with some other IP ranges for yahoo groups, but none that included the IP
> address above.
> Is there some definitive maintained up-to-date list of misbehaving mailers
> for greylist users?
> I'm tempted to put /^mail\..*\.yahoo.com/ in my postgrey's whitelist_clients
> file.  Would that be a mistake?
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