[Greylist-users] Up and running on the real sever - and I have some questions

Yiorgos Adamopoulos adamo at central.tee.gr
Wed Feb 15 14:07:18 PST 2006

Dennis Wynne wrote:
> 2) I block all un-known users before relaydelay sees them, so the only "to:" 
> addresses that get looked up and inserted in MySQL are legit users.  Any 
> thoughts to changing the scripts to run not against the triplet of from:, 
> to:, and IP to just from: and IP?  This makes sense to me, since if I 
> routinely accept messages from bob at domain.com and I ask him to e-mail a 
> co-worker I would think it would be OK for bob's mail to go through w/o a 
> delay. Ditto for things like CNN news e-mails. Once one of them to any user 
> has been accepted, no need to delay the others if they are all from the same 
> IP - is there?  Anyone done this and can share the changes?

This is similar to what graymilter <URL:http://www.acme.com/> does. 
Graymilter does not work with triplets, only with the sender's IP 
address.  So to be effective you have to have longer graytimes (I use 5 
hours).  Having graytimes like 5 minutes without triplets means that 
spam will get through.

I've written some patches to graymilter to support domain based 
whitelisting for the graymilter which you can find at:


Right now I am using the third of the described versions and it seems to 
be working well enough.


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