[Greylist-users] Up and running on the real sever - and I

Jose Marcio Martins da Cruz Jose-Marcio.Martins at ensmp.fr
Thu Feb 16 07:29:06 PST 2006

Dennis Wynne wrote:
> Thanks for the replies, Walter and Bill !
> Looks like I will be turning down the wait time to much lower.
> I should have explained my doublet-triplet idea better. What I was thinking 
> is - once a triplet has passed the timeout check and had mail allowed 
> through on that triplet, THEN allow that sender to send to any of my users 
> from the same IP with the same From: ID.  If I just save the from and IP 
> then I could get fooled easily by a SPAMmer, but if I make sure that a valid 
> triplet exists THEN allow the doublet to work.  I may not be a great idea 
> anyway, since it would involve an extra database query or two. You would 
> check for an exact match on this triplet and if that fails then check for a 
> PASSED match on the doublet (from and IP)  and it that fails you would temp 
> fail it and add it as a triplet to the database.

It's almost what does j-chkmail. Not really, but the idea is similar.

j-chkmail has three databases : pending, valid and white. Pending and valid are
the original greylisting databases.

When it detects some amount of messages (different triplets) with the same
sender domain coming from the same IP address, it creates a couple (IP,
sender-domain) and adds it to the white database.

I presented the idea at TNC 2005. The paper presents some results by simulating
the contents of another filter. I've already implemented and it's running fine.
The results from simulation are nearly the same of the real implementation.


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