[Greylist-users] machine gun

Bob Beck beck at bofh.cns.ualberta.ca
Sat Jan 21 15:05:03 PST 2006

* Barb Dijker <barb at netrack.net> [2006-01-20 14:45]:
> We are starting to see more machine gun spammers.  For example,  
> yesterday youngexplorerscatalog.net attempted to send a message to a  
> single recipient once per second until greylisting allowed the message.
> A quick peruse of the database shows a small handful of legitimate  
> mail that appears to be using the machine gun approach, e.g.,  mail  
> (really) from ebay that was blocked 80 or 90 times

	Means it is probably time to start exploring that in greylisting
software - Should be easy enough to detect number of retries > X where X
is "many" in the greylisting period, and just like deciding a server that
does not retry is hostile, a server that retries exessively or stupidly
is also hostile. Getting X right is the trick. 

	What you think barb? 100 in 30 minutes is too much? or less?



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