[Greylist-users] Database performance

Jose Marcio Martins da Cruz Jose-Marcio.Martins at ensmp.fr
Mon Jan 23 01:31:16 PST 2006


Brian Ross said his database has around 1.2 million rows. Wayne database has
around 4 million rows.

May I have an idea of what trafic level are you handling ? (number or users or
number of connections or messages a day)



Wayne Walker wrote:
> Follow Evan's advice, but also add indexes to the tables.  This greatly
> improved the maintenance script run time for me.
> BE WARNED!  Adding the indexes will slam your mysql server for a LONG
> TIME (I had 4 million rows in each table (maintenance db hadn't been
> run in a long time) and it took about 15 minutes PER INDEX).  
> Once I added the indexes, it still took a long time to run, but the
> system was usable during the maintenance db run (it was NOT usable
> before (load would hit 30's and 40's).
> On Wed, Jan 04, 2006 at 11:05:06PM -0800, Brian Ross wrote:
>>I was wondering if anyone has any performance tuning tips for the MySQL 
>>db as implemented in relaydelay.
>>We're running the db_maintenance script regularly, expiring 
>>approximately 1.25 million rows on a nightly basis with the maintenace 
>>taking approximately 1.5 hours.
>>During the maintenance we're turning off our mail relays because the 
>>maintenance is so disk intensive that it causes relaydelay to slow down 
>>to the point of hitting the milter time out values (yes - I suppose I 
>>could look at altering those in the sendmail.cf).
>>Any thoughts on optimization would be appreciated.

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