[Greylist-users] Greylisting and Trend Interscan

Carl Werner carl at theholidayclub.com
Thu Jul 13 07:16:30 PDT 2006


Im trying to implement Greylisting on a Red Hat 9 server running Sendmail
and Trend Interscan Viruswall. Im using the relaydelay program. The problem
is that Interscan is listening on port 25, checks the incoming/outgoing mail
and then passes it to Sendmail where the relaydelay milter does its thing.
Because Interscan passes it to Sendmail the relay_ip for any email is saved
as This is fine if I don't use the server to send mail with. In
order for me to send mail through this server I need to whitelist
and my IP range, so that users sending email doesn't get tempfailed. 

Any ideas on how to go about fixing this would be appreciated...


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