[Greylist-users] sendmail, perl and mysql issue for CB werner

Peter Lesko djekz at djekz.com
Thu Jul 20 14:00:55 PDT 2006

Your first question about virus scanning and sendmail.
Is it possible to pass email through the Trend Interscan Viruswall by 
running a command?
If so, you may be able to add it to a procmail filter in sendmail in a 
similar fashion to spamassassin.

Also, the perl and mysql issue for the "to" and "from" fields may be 
this:  The email addresses
are encapsulated by greater than and less than signs  (ex. 
<bob at slob.com>).  Greater than
symbols are interpreted as html tags by you browser (ex. <a 
href="http://cheese.com">) and since
they are not recognized as valid tags, they are not displayed at all and 
the browser just discards the

-Pete Lesko

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