[Greylist-users] Exploring Greylisting - Initial Block Time

Bob Beck beck at bofh.cns.ualberta.ca
Thu Mar 2 14:39:38 PST 2006

* Dennis Wynne <DWYNNE at equinoxis.com> [2006-03-02 14:13]:
> Glad you asked before you went live.  I am now around 55 seconds for mine 
> and most folks that I asked said 1-3 minutes. One of my customers is running 
> 5 on their server. I started with the nearly one hour default and ran that 
> way for a bit - until I asked the list what to run.
> What I have found from studying the logs - most SPAMmers never retry so you 
> have 100% success blocking those, a few retry a bunch right away (within 
> seconds of the first hit) - any setting longer than 30-40 seconds gets 
> those, almost NONE that I ever saw that would retry after 1 minute would 
> give up before 1 hour.  So setting it longer than a minute or two is going 
> to block almost 0 SPAM and just going to delay the good mail for longer.
> Most mail servers seem to retry after 1 minute (or at 30 seconds and 1 
> minute) so setting it for under 1 minute gets the mail on the 2nd or 3rd 
> try.

	I actualy disagree with dennis here, I have seen retries
later than this. I leave mine at a default of 30 minutes, but I also
am doing more things in that 30 minutes to catch those (even those which
retry) by use of greytrapping - So I want the 30 minutes in my case.


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