[Greylist-users] Stopping "machine gunners" - not really a

Dennis Wynne DWYNNE at equinoxis.com
Thu Mar 16 15:09:00 PST 2006

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>> I'd be curious to know about your results if you put this into your
>> production environment.
>It seems to be a good idea, but I'm not sure about the future.
>New MTAs (e.g. sendmail X) tries to aggregate messages for the same
>destination (same recipient domain MX) and send them in the same connection.
>Limiting the number of messages per connection is also a **BIG** problem
> for mailing lists doing things like VERP. I'm talking about normal
>mailing lists not spam/bulk mail distribution.

I added the patch, tested, and now have the code in production with a 
default of 2 mail commands per connection.  After 3 days it has only been 
hit one time by a legit mail server (good old SWA, who never retries).  It 
has been hit by a fair number of spammers.  So I will leave it in place and 
if I start seeing problems I can add rules to allow more mails for problem 
servers, raise the default limit, or take it back out.  For now, it has cut 
down the spam a little bit more so I am happy.


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