[Greylist-users] Stopping "machine gunners" - not really a

Dennis Wynne DWYNNE at equinoxis.com
Mon Mar 13 14:56:00 PST 2006

That is is patch I found this weekend.  I d/l the sendmail source, got it to 
compile and work (not as easy as it should be), and applied the patch.

In a test, sendmail now says:

421 4.7.0 box.domain.com Mails-per-session limit reached; closing connection

When I exceed the limit set.

I will watch the log to see if this effects any legit mail servers or not.  
The Ssrv_limits ruleset is as clear as mud to me :-)  . It looks like it has 
to be edited into the sendmail.cf file (after recreated with m4). Still 
working on understanding that - the sendmail books are not much help.


===== Original Message from greylist-users at lists.puremagic.com (Greylisting 
Users and Developers Discuss) at 3/13/06 12:08 pm
>Jochen Bern has written patch to sendmail which implements a maximum
>"mail from:" limit.
>I've played with it a bit in testing and it definitely works, though
>I've only used it in a test environment so I can't  vouch for its use
>in production.  FWIW reading the provided Revision History gives the
>sense that Jochen is working closely with the sendmail community and
>that the patch may be included as a feature in future release.
>Here's the URL:
>I'd be curious to know about your results if you put this into your
>production environment.
>Brian Ross
>IT Engineer, Sr. - Messaging Services
>Postmaster - QUALCOMM, Inc.

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