[Greylist-users] register callbacks error

Christine Kuhlmey ck1 at mail.inf.tu-dresden.de
Thu Aug 23 06:38:24 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I've found a solution: relaydelay doesn't work with sendmail-8.14.1-libmilter
but with sendmail-8.13.8-libmilter ist runs fine!!


On 23-Aug-2007 Christine Kuhlmey wrote:
> On 22-Aug-2007 Brian Ross wrote:
>> Hi Christine,
>> It sounds like you may have the wrong version of libmilter.  Did you 
>> build your sendmail binary and libmilter library from the same source?
> Hi Brian,
> thanks for your reply!
> I use sendmail-8.14.1 and both libmilter and the sendmail-executable are from
> the same source. I've rebuilt it, but the resulting library and binaries are
> exactly the same like the old ones.
> ...
>> At 06:43 AM 8/22/2007, Christine Kuhlmey wrote:
>>>Hello all,
>>>I have greylisting successfully been running on Solaris9
>>>and I wanted to move the installation to a Solaris10 machine now.
>>>I've got threaded perl 5.8.8, sendmail-libmilter, mysql5-database,
>>>and Sendmail::Milter installed. The connection to the database
>>>is working:
>>>"Loading Config File: /etc/mail/relaydelay.conf
>>>Using connection 'local:/var/run/relaydelay.sock' for filter relaydelay
>>>DBI Connecting to DBI:mysql:database=relaydelay:host=notlocalhost:port=3306"
>>>and then I get the error:
>>>"Failed to register callbacks for relaydelay.
>>>Closing DB connection."

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