[Greylist-users] run qgreylist on specified LAN ip

Umesh Upreti umesh at websurfer.com.np
Fri Sep 7 00:49:12 PDT 2007

You can use RBL and greylist whether database is in Ldap or mysql. You only
have to install greylist package and add list rbl reference to your
qmail-smptd (probably) file.







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Dear all

              I have linux mail server with qmail-ldap & i dont have
Spam-gateway or  anything like that now my problem is i want to use greylist
+ RBL so is it possible??  i have installed 2 LAN card on server extenal and
internal LAN i want to use greylist on external interface only so how it is
possible ??

$ cat ~/satish/url.txt                                                      




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