[Greylist-users] Any benefit to changing the TEMPFAIL message?

Dennis Wynne DWYNNE at equinoxis.com
Thu Jun 19 06:12:00 PDT 2008

I would be worried that changing the tempfail message would alert spammers 
that something is up.

If you have users sending mail directly to your mail user their mail 
programs, you would expect, would understand the message failed and needs to 
be resent. Otherwise, if they are your users just white list their IPs or 
the whole range of IPs they are on and the mail will go through every time.

As to servers legit servers that never retry, shame on them :-) . Ones we 
know never retry or mangle the mail_from with each attempt or use a mail 
server "Farm" with various IPs to send and resend the mail we just white 
list as well.  Our users also know to tell folks that are new contacts just 
to send their e-mail, wait a couple of minutes, and send it again. Or if 
they don't see an expected e-mail after a bit I have a web page / php script 
that lets them search to see if they had any bounces (I didn't write it, 
just  modified it a little) so they can ask the contact to resend - or they 
just ask them to without checking first.

A small price to pay in hassle compared to the tons of spam we don't let in.


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>I have been using (and supporting) the GreyListing software (our own
>version of course), and was wondering if anyone had found any value with
>changing the standard TEMPFAIL message?
>The only reason I ask this is because some users, and also some Servers
>will send an email but never retry.
>While I understand that the users which send a message directly to us
>will see the TEMPFAIL message, they do not necessary understand that it
>means to retry it again shortly.
>Additionally, the servers that do not resend (wow is this inane), I just
>do not know how to kick those servers hard enough.
>While I can look up the servers that do not ever resend their messages,
>I still cannot reach out and pull the emails from their servers.
>Any Suggestions?
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