[Greylist-users] Any benefit to changing the TEMPFAIL message?

Albert E. Whale aewhale at ABS-CompTech.com
Thu Jun 19 07:46:42 PDT 2008

Dennis Wynne wrote:
> I would be worried that changing the tempfail message would alert spammers 
> that something is up.
> If you have users sending mail directly to your mail user their mail 
> programs, you would expect, would understand the message failed and needs to 
> be resent. Otherwise, if they are your users just white list their IPs or 
> the whole range of IPs they are on and the mail will go through every time.
> As to servers legit servers that never retry, shame on them :-) . Ones we 
> know never retry or mangle the mail_from with each attempt or use a mail 
> server "Farm" with various IPs to send and resend the mail we just white 
> list as well.  Our users also know to tell folks that are new contacts just 
> to send their e-mail, wait a couple of minutes, and send it again. Or if 
> they don't see an expected e-mail after a bit I have a web page / php script 
> that lets them search to see if they had any bounces (I didn't write it, 
> just  modified it a little) so they can ask the contact to resend - or they 
> just ask them to without checking first.
> A small price to pay in hassle compared to the tons of spam we don't let in.
> Dennis

I am in Total agreement with you Dennis.  Thank you.

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