[Greylist-users] other milters, support, and list traffic.

Kyrian kyrian at ore.org
Sun Jun 29 08:29:19 PDT 2008

I'm here too...
>>> Steven Jones wrote:
>>>> Is this product still being supported/developed?
>>>> The mailing list seems very quiet.....
It is, but whoever it was that said this greylisting implementation 
tends to 'just work' is about right, as long as you've followed the 
instructions and upgraded to a sufficiently recent version of Perl so 
you don't get memory leaks, of course.

So quite right, there is not much need for a lot of mailing list 
traffic. I'd be perfectly happy if this list was just used to suggest 
whitelist updates.

There are 'enough' people on this list for a degree of support to 
happen, and if you're really desperate, just wave cash at anyone (like 
me) who has a 'I am a linux consultant' in their footer, surely? ;-) 
Perhaps some kind of Wiki for this system would be in order though?

However I do wish people would learn to quote things at least a little 
bit and not include 5 footers in a row in their emails, or worse yet, 
the whole of the digest newsletter, and without even changing the 
subject of the message!

> Message: 6
> Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 12:10:50 -0400
> From: Rob Morin <rob at dido.ca>
> Postgrey is very good,  it helps your systems scan less potential spam 
> email by first verifying smtp via postgrey.
There's not *too much* (some, but not much) need to change MTA to get 
extra features, as stated...
> There are other sendmail/postfix compatible milters doing that. Take a 
> look at
My research on this ended up going for bm-milter (which does 
sender/recipient validation), which seems to work, and I've issued a 
number of patches (although I should update them) for it to better suit 
a virtual hosting environment with mixed onward destination types 
(mailboxes, virtual domains, mailertable), etc...

Of course you need to be careful about a number of factors, perhaps most 
importantly to have it run before greylisting; there's no point in 
greylisting for an address you already know does not exist, eh?

HOWEVER if anyone knows how to get the SMTP-timing based protections 
that Exim has (client must not send "MAIL From" before the "HELO" has 
been acknowledged, and similar for the "RCPT To" and "MAIL From") then I 
would be very grateful for a heads-up as it's really good functionality, 
apart perhaps from the log spam it generates. Sadly I don't think the 
milter framework is up to this?


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