[Greylist-users] milter-greylist with multiple MXs

Khuu, Linh MicroTech Linh.Khuu at ssa.gov
Tue Aug 24 05:42:39 PDT 2010


I've implemented the milter-greylist. So far, it's been running fine, but I'm running into an issue. I have 4 MX servers running the milter-greylist. In the greylist.conf, I have the peer option configured, see below:

This config is on one MX server (

# MX

After I have this option configured, I can see the MX server listening on port 5252. I can telnet to each of the MX listed below on port 5252 just fine. However, I'm not sure if the peer does its thing as it supposedly should, I don't see port 5252 are connected in the trace running on the MX.

Is there a way to see if peer (or port 5252) are pushing to other MX servers?

Linh Khuu

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