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Dennis Wynne DWynne at equinoxis.com
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I have not seen a message on the list in a LONG time.
We switched 2 years ago to Postini via a reseller. For a few dollars per seat per year you get filtering, for like $14 per year per seat you get a lot more including spooling. Aliases are included for free also. We found it does a nice job and our spam count is way down compared to grey list and there are no problems with MTAs that fail to retry and the good mail gets through right away. Users have their own controls and get a daily blocked e-mail report, or can login to postini at any time to look for a missing message.  For the money and effort to set up (very little) and the work to maintain (none) it is super.


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Is this list dead?

During some clean up, I noticed I haven't received a note since 2009.

The list archives shows that also to be the last note.

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