[MudWalker] Getting Started

Simon Gonano sgonano2
Sun Jun 29 06:58:20 PDT 2003

I realise most of these requests are forthcoming (and I've previously 
asked about them before this list had started), but here are a couple 
of little features I'd like early on:

- Sounds for triggers
	- I assume this is coming soon anyway, but I mention it as it's the 
only reason I'm not using MudWalker full time at the moment.

  - Dock notification for triggers
	- This might be in the form of a single dock bounce and thereafter 
some sort of badge, until MudWalker is brought to the foreground, at 
	which point the badge is cleared. I suppose what I'm thinking of here 
is more a general "activity notification" that occurs when the 	program 
is in the background. Though I'd definitely like it if such 
notification was available to all triggers, as I have ones set up in my 
	other client to beep at me if a certain person messages me and I'd 
love for there to be dock notification of that because if I've left my 
	computer and come back, I'll have no idea that the beep went off, 
unless I explicitly bring the program to the front and check.

- An option to have the input window integrated into the main client 

I'm sure there's more I've thought about, but that's all I can recall 
for now. :-)

-- Simon

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