[MudWalker] MudWalker 0.3.0 Released

Kevin Reid kpreid
Tue Jul 22 04:26:16 PDT 2003

MudWalker 0.3.0 has been released. You can download it at:


Some of the changes in this version:

    * New features:
          + Scripting using the Lua programming language.
          + Command aliases.
          + Settings can be set in MudWalker's preferences, taking
            effect for all new and existing connection documents.
          + Option to auto-reconnect when connection is lost.
          + Multiple text-color 'sets' can be created and selected.
          + Default colors are now black-on-white, with white-on-black
            available as a color set.
          + The Library feature has been completely redesigned to be
            more useful. Library entries are now automatically created
            and managed.
     * Minor improvements:
          + Command history is now per-window instead of being shared by
            all windows.
          + Prompts can be displayed in terminal windows as well as in
            the input panel.
          + New options to control prompt interpretation.
          + Terminal windows now include the character name in their
          + The MCP-based mapping window can be disabled.
          + Command-W and Command-M keyboard shortcuts work on the
            terminal window even if the cursor is in the input window.
          + The confirmation dialog before opening a URL sent by the
            server (via dns-com-awns-serverinfo) can be disabled.
          + Application and document icons slightly improved.
          + New toolbar icons.
     * Notable bug fixes:
          + Fixed a bug where blank lines in trigger patterns would
            cause MudWalker to hang.
          + Better handling of failure to connect.
          + Fixed a bug that prevented the typing of accented characters
            with multiple key sequences in the input panel.
          + Fixed some bugs in ANSI color handling.
          + The input panel now remembers your choice of font.

Kevin Reid

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