[MudWalker] Two Things

Blastron blastron
Fri Aug 8 16:13:16 PDT 2003

First, I have noticed that whenever I start up, the input window is 
always covering the prompt, forcing me to keep moving it.  In the MUD 
that I play, Achaea, my current health and mana levels are integrated 
into the prompt, and not having that information readily available can 
be quite unfortunate.

Second, I was wondering how to create triggers that respond to certain 
key phrases in the text.  For instance, if the trigger text is "Foo 
greets you with a sincere smile" I would want to reply to Foo.  
However, I don't want to create triggers for all of the thousands of 
people who play Achaea.  How would I set it to greet whomever greeted 
me, be it Bob, or Fred, or anyone else?

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