[MudWalker] Two Things

Kevin Reid kpreid
Sat Aug 9 09:45:49 PDT 2003

Blastron <blastron at mac.com> wrote:
> First, I have noticed that whenever I start up, the input window is 
> always covering the prompt, forcing me to keep moving it.  In the MUD
> that I play, Achaea,


> my current health and mana levels are integrated into the prompt, and not
> having that information readily available can be quite unfortunate.

I assume you mean the input window is covering the bottommost line of
the terminal window.

Do you have the "Input panel moves with terminal window" preference set?

Where are the input and terminal windows positioned on the screen?

> Second, I was wondering how to create triggers that respond to certain
> key phrases in the text.  For instance, if the trigger text is "Foo 
> greets you with a sincere smile" I would want to reply to Foo.  
> However, I don't want to create triggers for all of the thousands of 
> people who play Achaea.  How would I set it to greet whomever greeted
> me, be it Bob, or Fred, or anyone else?

The patterns field takes Perl-style regular expressions. To do what you
described (assuming there's a period at the end):

Match patterns:
  ^(.*) greets you with a sincere smile\.$

  say Hello, $$arg[1]

Kevin Reid

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