[MudWalker] Two Things

Blastron blastron
Sat Aug 9 11:13:17 PDT 2003

> I assume you mean the input window is covering the bottommost line of
> the terminal window.
Yes, that is what I meant.
> Do you have the "Input panel moves with terminal window" preference 
> set?
Yes, I do.
> Where are the input and terminal windows positioned on the screen?
The terminal window can be any place on the screen and any size.  I 
prefer to have the input window right underneath the terminal window 
and sized so that the input window is the same width as the terminal 
window.  However, every time I restart MudWalker, the input window 
moves up to cover the last line of the terminal window.

Oh, one more question that I had forgotten to ask: What is MCP?

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