[MudWalker] Two Things

Blastron blastron
Sun Aug 10 21:58:29 PDT 2003

> Does the input window appear in a slightly different size when it gets
> mispositioned?
No, I don't think so.
> Are the input or terminal windows near the bottom of the screen, or the
> Dock?
No, they are usually in the center of the screen.  Attached is a screen 
shot of how I typically have my windows set up.
> Which edge of the screen is your Dock on, and is it set to auto-hide?
My dock is set to auto-hide, and it is positioned on the bottom of the 
screen.  I have no special pinnings or other Dock modifications set.

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Oh, and by the way, thanks for your help and for making such a great 
MUD client!

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