[MudWalker] sample aliases/triggers

Blastron blastron
Thu Nov 27 10:09:18 PST 2003

Sure!  Not sure how these would help with your particular 
MUD/MUSH/whatever, but you could look at 'em and see how they're put 
together.  All of these scripts are written in Lua in substitution.  
I'll follow each one with a little explanation so you can see why I do 
things this way...

Alias Name: Set Target
Command: target
@@message("You have targeted " .. target .. ".  Have a nice day!")

The @@ tells MudWalker that this line is written entirely in Lua, and 
the text is not to be sent literally to the MUD server.
arg[1], arg[2], arg[3], and so forth are additional arguments that you 
can add to the script directly from the prompt.  For example, if you 
wanted to target a werewolf, you would type TARGET WEREWOLF into your 
prompt.  After that, for every instance that arg[1] appears in the 
script, it would be replaced by the text "werewolf".
target=arg[1] sets a global variable named "target" to whatever 
argument you added in for arg[1].  A global variable is a variable that 
remains constant until you quit MudWalker or change the variable, 
whichever comes first.
message("whatever") causes text to appear on your screen.  It doesn't 
do it for anyone else, just you.  This could be reminder text, 
confirmation text, etc.  If you have a variable that you wish to 
include in your text, close the quote, add two periods, the variable 
name, then two more periods, then open the quote again.

Alias Name: Punch Target
Command: pt
punch $(target)$

Very simple script:  It calls upon the variable "target" that you set 
using the above script and sends the command to punch that target to 
the server.  The only thing of note is that you can use Lua commands 
inside a line that does not start with @@ by enclosing them in dollar 
signs and parentheses $(like this.)$  Doing this will cause the Lua 
commands to execute, then place whatever results they return into the 
place where the commands were in the text.

Alias Name: Crystalism-Tremors Vibration
Command: tremors
outr egg
outr disc
spin egg
spin disc
embed tremors

You don't have to use any Lua code at all, if you don't want it.  
Aliases can be used simply for automating tedious tasks.  Or, if you 
want, you could set a longer command to be executed by one or two 
letters, for instance, touching a shield tattoo, which generates a 
handy, protective magical shield, would ordinarily be "touch shield", 
which might be tough to type in combat, but "ts" would be very easy to 

Now, on to some triggers.

Trigger Name: Follow Detector
Match Patterns: ^(.*) begins to follow you.
Make command link: Yes
Command Link command: lose $(arg[1])$
Substitute text: Yes
Substitute text text: $(arg[1])$ begins to follow you.  Click here to 
give 'em the boot.
Script: None

This is a deceptively complicated script, but it shows you just how 
powerful the MudWalker trigger engine is.  When someone starts 
following you, this script will change the "Whomever begins to follow 
you." into "Whomever begins to follow you.  Click here to give 'em the 
boot." and make it into a clickable link that will lose whomever 
started to follow you.
^(*.) is used whenever you want MudWalker to recognize one word of text 
in a line sent to you and use it in a script.  arg[1], arg[2], etc. 
will recognize each ^(*.) and use it in a command.

And now for my awe-inspiring power-up script...
Alias Name: Start Powering Up
Command: Powerup
@@ message("Beginning powerup sequence.")
channel earth
@@ powerup=1
@@ message("Channels 25% open.")

Trigger Name: Continue Powerup Sequence
Match Patterns: You have recovered equilibrium.
@@ if powerup==1 then
	channel fire
@@	powerup=2
@@ message("Channels 50% open.")
@@ elseif powerup==2 then
	channel water
@@	powerup=3
@@ message("Channels 75% open.")
@@ elseif powerup==3 then
	channel air
@@	powerup=4
@@ message("Channels 100% open.  Now casting defensive spells.")
@@ elseif powerup==4 then
	cast stoneskin
@@	powerup=5
@@ message("Stoneskin armor cast.")
@@ elseif powerup==5 then
	cast reflection at me
@@	powerup=6
@@ message("Reflection cast.")
@@ elseif powerup==6 then
	cast chargeshield at me
@@	powerup=7
@@ message("Electric dispersal shield cast.")
@@ elseif powerup==7 then
@@	powerup=0
@@ message("Startup sequence complete. You are at full combat 
@@ end

Big, complicated script.  The alias sets it all in motion, and the 
trigger continues it until you finish powering up.  In the MUD I play, 
equilibrium is temporarily lost when you cast a spell, although you 
automatically regain it after a brief duration.
You can have MudWalker test existing conditions by using the 
if/elseif/else/end command.  YOU MUST USE TWO EQUALS SIGNS INSTEAD OF 
ONE WHEN TESTING VARIABLES!  Otherwise, the if statement would set the 
variable to whatever it was looking for instead of testing to see if 
the variable is what you were looking for.

Hm, I think that's about it.  If you have any questions or anything, 
don't hesitate to send me a reply.

On Wednesday, November 26, 2003, at 08:04  AM, Y. J. Chun wrote:

> Hello.
> Does anyone have sample aliases and triggers so i can
> start with? I used to play with tinyfugue but lost the
> script file and starting with MudWalker now.
> Thanks.

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