[MudWalker] Few more wishlist

Y. J. Chun monac3
Mon Dec 1 04:33:12 PST 2003

Oops. pressed send button writing below message....

anyway, I have a wish list. This is so great program
and I want to someday help you out with development.
but in the mean time,

1. With below 3 reasons, I would like to see the input
window just stick to the console, not a seperate
window and It would be much more clean in both
developers and users.

- most combat style mud players uses two players at a
time. so I run two console and switch between them
quite often using Cmd-`. but as input window is also
focused as a seperate window, i cannot switch them

- if you input something in a input window, another
input window also has the writings.

- no one (as far as i can say) would like the input
window floating around but stick it to the console.

2. scroll lock is useful in mud client because message
are always sent and it is effortless to just scroll up
to see previous screens which just fails and reset by
messages sent from server.
Moreover, F14 (cmd-f14 with my powermac) is not
triggered in input window and I have to always touch
mouse to focus console window.

It would like page up/down keys enable scroll lock
automatically and make it easy to unlock it with
'escape' key. or xterm style shortcut is good too.

3. make input window more accessible by history
navigating with arrow buttons. currently it is

There are some more:) but this is it for now. I used
to use tinyfugue but with strong scripting support,
MudWalker is my favorate now. Next time, I will give
wishlist for scripting suuport.



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