[MudWalker] Few more wishlist

Kevin Reid kpreid
Sat Dec 6 04:44:59 PST 2003

Y. J. Chun <monac3 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Oops. pressed send button writing below message....
> anyway, I have a wish list. This is so great program and I want to someday
> help you out with development. but in the mean time,

Suggestions are always welcome.

> 1. With below 3 reasons, I would like to see the input window just stick
> to the console, not a seperate window and It would be much more clean in
> both developers and users.

I am considering various options in revising the input system.

The most likely one is typing directly into the same text area text from
the mud comes in - would you find this OK?

> - most combat style mud players uses two players at a time. so I run two
> console and switch between them quite often using Cmd-`. but as input
> window is also focused as a seperate window, i cannot switch them fast.

Definitely a problem with the current system.

> - if you input something in a input window, another input window also has
> the writings.

I considered this a feature at the time. I don't consider it a necessary
one for a revision, though.

> - no one (as far as i can say) would like the input window floating around
> but stick it to the console.
> 2. scroll lock is useful in mud client because message are always sent and
> it is effortless to just scroll up to see previous screens which just
> fails and reset by messages sent from server. Moreover, F14 (cmd-f14 with
> my powermac) is not triggered in input window and I have to always touch
> mouse to focus console window.
> It would like page up/down keys enable scroll lock automatically and make
> it easy to unlock it with 'escape' key. or xterm style shortcut is good
> too. shift+pageup/down

Features I'm considering:

* automatically enable scroll lock 
  - when the scroll bar is moved away from the bottom.
  - when the window is minimized.
* automatically disable scroll lock 
  - when the scroll bar is moved to the bottom.

> 3. make input window more accessible by history
> navigating with arrow buttons. currently it is
> cmd+up/down.

I'm not sure what you're asking for. Are the toolbar buttons for history
navigation not what you want?

Kevin Reid

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