[MudWalker] Few more wishlist

Blastron blastron
Sat Dec 6 19:10:37 PST 2003

> The most likely one is typing directly into the same text area text 
> from
> the mud comes in - would you find this OK?
Great idea!
> I considered this a feature at the time. I don't consider it a 
> necessary
> one for a revision, though.
Maybe a preference could be set for that...
> Features I'm considering:
> * automatically enable scroll lock
>   - when the scroll bar is moved away from the bottom.
>   - when the window is minimized.
WOOT!  That would be great!
> I'm not sure what you're asking for. Are the toolbar buttons for 
> history
> navigation not what you want?
I think what he means is remove the "cmd" from the history and just use 
the up/down arrow keys to navigate.

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