[MudWalker] misc questions

Jeremy j-matt
Fri Dec 5 17:06:55 PST 2003

I've noticed that mudwalker hangs if it has to
process large ammounts of text quickly, as occurs
when moving rapidly with many people.  This
generally isn't a problem, except when I'm trying
to move rapidly from one zone to another.  Mostly
it just takes me a bit longer than everyone else
to get there, but if I'm following someone
(basically, someone is entering commands for me)
MW will stop accepting commands into the prompt.
 I've only seen this happen when I was in a
fairly large group and there was an enormous
ammount of spam crossing the screen.  I could
alleviate the problem by reducing the scrollback.
 Do you think that this might be caused by the
logging function?  And if so, is there a way to
turn logging off?  I'd gladly sacrifice logging
for speed.  And if there's not, is it going to
cause problems to delete the log file? 

My other question (and you may have answered
this, I've been having trouble w/ my email, and
might have missed it) is if there is any way to
chat IP to IP?  I'm not entirely sure how it
works, but I've seen people (mostly using Mud
Master) pass around IPs and chat outside of the
context of the mud.

Other than this one problem MW is a really great
mud client.  It is intuitive, and fairly easy to
set up.  Thank you very much for writing it,
allowing us to use it.

Thanks for you time,

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