[MudWalker] misc questions

Kevin Reid kpreid
Sat Dec 6 04:45:02 PST 2003

Jeremy <j-matt at wildmail.com> wrote:

> Kevin-
> I've noticed that mudwalker hangs if it has to process large ammounts of
> text quickly, as occurs when moving rapidly with many people.

Yes. This is a known problem, and rather difficult to solve.

> I could alleviate the problem by reducing the scrollback.

That's the only thing that will help. (Other than using a faster
computer, of course.)

>  Do you think that this might be caused by the logging function?  And if
> so, is there a way to turn logging off?  I'd gladly sacrifice logging for
> speed.

The hang has nothing at all to do with logging.

> And if there's not, is it going to cause problems to delete the log file?


> My other question (and you may have answered this, I've been having
> trouble w/ my email, and might have missed it) is if there is any way to
> chat IP to IP?  I'm not entirely sure how it works, but I've seen people
> (mostly using Mud Master) pass around IPs and chat outside of the context
> of the mud.

I had considered adding something like this, but didn't see any reason
to. I'll think about it.

Kevin Reid

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