[MudWalker] background color problems

Kevin Reid kpreid at mac.com
Mon Dec 11 14:21:32 PST 2006

On Dec 11, 2006, at 16:54, Nathaniel Bailey wrote:

> Check your color setting defaults..
> Mudwalker/Settings - Command + >
> Also, if they are fine, make sure you load the world and then check
> the color settings for your specific world.  I know there is a
> problem with not all background colors working with all text colors.
> But, hope this helps.

Note that there are two concepts: color sets, and the selected color  

*Both* may be specified using *either* MudWalker > Settings, or in a  
connection document. Settings in a connection document override  
settings for all of MudWalker.

If you modify a color set, trigger, alias, or any other setting, it  
overrides the more-general setting. To undo this for simple settings,  
the little circle by the setting has a menu from which you can select  
"Reset Setting". An overridden setting which appears in a list (such  
as a trigger or color set) can be completely reverted by the delete  
button; the inherited setting will replace it.

André Schieleit:
> lately I have problems with the background colors, they are not
> displayed any more. I do not know whether it's a MudWalker problem or
> a MUD problem, but when logging in via telnet or some other mud
> client the colors are displayed as usual. I ran out of ideas where to
> look for a solution.

I don't know what exactly might be the problem, but I suggest  
selecting another color set (in the Display settings); if it's one  
particular color set that's the problem then delete it, or modify it.

I can't think of how background colors would be missing without text  
colors, though, unless your mud changed the color commands it sends.

Are you running the latest version of MudWalker?

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