[phobos] Tango and the new time lib

Andrei Alexandrescu andrei at erdani.com
Wed Apr 28 20:59:56 PDT 2010

Now I'm glad I never looked at Tango. I suggest you post this to the 
newsgroup and we give up on Shoo's code. I don't empathize with the 
Tango fellows keeping their precious locked because it's very difficult 
to frame that action as having D's community interest at heart. To be 
frank their whole motivation looks petty and political to the extreme, 
particularly because it's not a rocket science library, it's a God damn 
date and time routines we're talking about.

To me there's only way out of this: define artifacts that are so much 
better than Tango's, it would be impossible to them to claim we stole 
from them.


On 04/28/2010 09:38 PM, Walter Bright wrote:
> One of the Tango developers called me today. There are 5 developers of
> the Tango time library, and they feel that the Phobos time lib
> submission is close enough to theirs to be considered an infringement on
> their license. The Tango license is the BSD license, which does not
> permit others changing the license, such as to Boost which is the Phobos
> license.
> I am not qualified to compare the two source code bases and make a legal
> determination if there is infringement or not. And quite frankly, I
> don't want to split legal hairs about it against the Tango developers'
> wishes. I've invited the Tango devs to subscribe to this mailing list,
> and I hope we can come to a resolution:
> 1. I think the best solution would be for Tango to relicense the time
> module under the Boost license, which would require the agreement of the
> five time module developers. Then, the Phobos version would include them
> as authors and they'd share in the copyright.
> 2. Next would be if the Tango developers who do agree to the Boost
> license would identify their contributions, those would get authorship &
> copyright credit, etc. Tango developers who do not agree would identify
> code they consider infringing, and that code would be removed from the
> Phobos version, and possibly reimplemented by someone who has not looked
> at the Tango version.
> The bottom line is the Tango devs should get the final say on what is
> infringing and what isn't, and we won't relicense infringing code into
> Phobos without their explicit permission.
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