[phobos] phobos commit, revision 1890

SHOO zan77137 at nifty.com
Tue Aug 17 09:37:16 PDT 2010

(2010/08/18 1:13), Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
> Please update and build druntime too.
> Andrei

Though I do `svn up` both a combination of druntime and phobos, this 
symptom does not fade away.

Now, druntime's revision is r370, Phobos's revision is r1890.

On Windows, these lines are compiled:

L528:    enforce(isOpen, "Attempting to seek() in an unopened file");
L529:    static assert(off_t.sizeof == 8);
L530:    errnoEnforce(fseeko(p.handle, offset, origin) == 0,
L531:            "Could not seek in file `"~p.name~"'");

Is this correct?

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